A unique hotel on the slopes of the Tzoumerka mountains Anavasi Mountain Resort

Discover Tzoumerka

A sanctuary of virgin wilderness, traditional Greek villages and life, they are considered the ideal alternative tourist destination. With hotel Anavasi as their starting point, visitors can admire the arched bridges, old watermills, hike in beautiful well-kept trails amidst dense vegetation, drink fresh, ice-cold water from stone founts, take a break next to the waterfalls.

Experience The Mountain In Comfort

Built with stone, wood and copper and covering all modern specifications, hotel Anavasi offers the warmth of Greek hospitality and a comfortable stay to visitors all year round.

Romantic walks, hiking, mountain climbing, mountain biking, rafting in both easy (even for children) and hard routes, canoe-kayak, canyoning, 4x4 safari up to 2300m altitude.

There is something for everyone with appetite for wandering and adventure in the untamed beauty that is the Tzoumerka mountains.

An Unforgettable Journey

The exploration, adventure, and escape options are endless. Stone villages, monument churches, museums, snow-covered slopes, alpine meadows, canyons, rapids and rivers, countless waterfalls, trails of all difficulties, the Anemotrypa cave, spruce forests, rare species of flora and fauna and local flavors are characteristics of Tzoumerka.

Pristine Wilderness, Unmatched Comfort About our hotel

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